Using the Amaze Health App

Learn how to use Amaze’s most helpful in-app features.

Wondering how to set up your profile, use a particular app feature, or turn on a notification setting? We have got you covered with these short how-to videos.

Contacting an Amaze Health Medical Provider

Watch this video to learn how to contact an Amaze Provider by video, phone, chat, or secure message.

Setting Up Your Profile and Adding Family Members

Learn how to set up your profile in our mobile app.

Already set up your profile? Great, but don’t stop there! This video covers the important step of adding your family members to your account.

Adding Your Personal Health Information

Click here to learn how to add your personal health information, such as your providers, medications & supplements, and allergies, and your surgical, medical, social, family, and immunization histories.

Accessing the In-App Resources

This video shows you how to access your in-app resources with the click of a button.

Learn how to use your personal notes to save videos, photos, and written notes about your medical conditions and care.

Learn how to leverage the video library to learn about a medical condition or procedure.

This video shows you how to use the app to conduct private healthcare-related internet searches that return results that have been vetted by Amaze Health.

Check out how to use our medical grade symptom checker tool–available to you right in the app!

Learn how to save important websites (like your child’s pediatrician’s) in the app using the custom buttons feature.

Adjusting the App’s Settings

This video covers how to access the app’s settings.

Learn why it is important to turn on your camera and microphone sharing settings and how to do so.

Check out how you can adjust your calendar settings to allow the Amaze app to search your calendar for medical appointments.

This video covers what the location services setting is, why it is important, and how to turn it on.

Click here to learn how to adjust your family privacy settings.

Other App Features

Learn how to get help for your mobile app, read the Terms and Conditions, and manage your subscription.

This video covers how to log out of the Amaze Health mobile app.